Woke up next to a trawler, booked in with Harbour master, engaged Mounts Bay Marine Engineering to look at the problem.  The Harbour master moved us to a free finger pontoon much to the interest of the 4 other yachts stopped there.

The damage:

  1. We had run over a floating discarded fishing net
  2. Cutter on prop had tried to do its job but some of the net had wound around the prop and worked its way up the stern tube.
  3. Prop shaft locked up and broke sacrificial coupling with gearbox take off.
  4. Prop shaft bent.


The solution

  1. Move vessel to area of Harbour where it can be worked on either side of low water
  2. Remove rudder
  3. Remove damage prop shaft and anything else
  4. Replace prop shaft and stern gland for new
  5. Reassemble
  6. Sea trial
  7. Continue with trip.

Basically this will take about 7-10 days to do.  I’m not to bothered about this as Newlyn is a working port and therefore it is only right that those whose rely on a living from the sea take priority.  Also the fact that its a working port gives me great confidence in the standard of engineering.

There are many pubs in Newlyn and Penzance that require our attention during this period.