This blogs purpose is to record the events leading up to and during my circumnavigation of the UK in my boat Tongareva.

The aim of this voyage is to raise funds for the Royal Marines Association. I’m a former Royal Marine who feels he owes a debt to the Corp.  My personal debt is that the Corp gave  and opened up to me so many opportunities in life.

The dark cloud beneath this silver lining is that some of my personal collegues and other fellow Royal Marines have either been killed or suffered extreme trauma while serving.  I have personally lost four friends through war. I feel I need to put something back and that’s why I’m doing this trip.  I’m completely self funding the voyage so all proceedings go to the Royal marines Association.  If anyone offers kit, goods, etc, etc then I’d rather they sold it and put the money in the pot.

There are 2 ways to donate – either via Just giving at www.justgiving.com/sailroyalmarine or directly to the RMA.  Just let them know what got you to put your hand in your pocket and tell others.


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