Up at 0630hrs to get an early start and guess what, just about to leave and a massive ship came into port denying access or egress in our case.  Anyway once out of the way and up before the Harbour master (no fees) we set off.

We made really good time averaging 6 knots across St Austell Bay.  The sea was smooth and winds were just right.  

We rounded the Lizard around 1300hrs at the time the tide was turning.  Scott suggested we stick out the trawling fishing line with the hope of catching some tea.  I agreed and he set to work.  About 1420hrs, I went down below to carry out a Nav check.  We could see Newlyn some 15miles away but drills are drills and it need to be done.  Just finishing off plotting our position and checking our course to steer, there was an almighty bang from the engine compartment.  We had started the engine earlier as the wind had droped to nothing and the tide was about to turn against us.

I restarted the engine, it sounded fine but the prop shaft was not turning.  Immediately we let the coastguard know and hoisted all sails including the mizzen stay sail.  There was no wind 5-8knots which is nothing.  Slowly but surely we were making 2 knots through thewater but against the tide this was a net 1-1.5 speed over ground.  The good thing was were were heading west away from the hazards of the rocky Lizard that the tide was intent on pushing us towards.

During the next 7 hours, the coastguard regularly kept in touch asking our current state, intentions and whether we wanted any assistance.  Our reply was basically we are both ok and if some one is passing offering a tow then we will take up the offer.  At 2130hrs dave the fisherman, skipper of Seabreeze pulled along side and gave us a tow the final 8miles into Newlyn.  Got in about 2330hrs gave him a bottle of malts and made a donation to the fisherman’s mission.

No beer, went to bed.