Monday 12th May

Me, Scott Alan Foot and Ed Waycott left Dartmouth at 0800hrs sharp and headed west. The aim was to get a good start west.  Weather 25knot winds Sea state Moderate/rough.

Going was good in the shelter of Start Bay.  I had my normal daily bout of wretching due to sea sickness (happens every time).  Sail plan of full genoa and mizzen worked very well giving us a good 5-6 knots

We gave Start Point a good 2 mile offing to avoid the overfalls and very glad we did.  Heading due wets we were going straight into the wind so most of the work was being done by the engine with just the mainsail up.  The sea state now reared up a pace with wave height being 2.5m on average and up to 4m occasionally.  Rain/hail/wind/ spray and the occaisional large breaking wave. Exciting to say the least.

The decision was made to pull into Salcombe as once we rounded Bolt head and headed NW we would be in danger of a cross breaking sea at the limits of what would be safe in the boat.  Also there was no pint in making the first day a miserable one.

Once in the lee of Bolt Head the conditions died down and we calmly motored into Salcombe.  Moored up and went for a Pint.

Nice blustery weather prior to rounding Start Point

Nice blustery weather prior to rounding Start Point